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Note that if you purchase a license now, and then need to upgrade to a larger license in the future, you can do this by simply paying the price difference, at the SecuritySpy Upgrade Store.

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Terms & Conditions

Each SecuritySpy license is for one Mac only. For example, if you have two cameras connected to one Mac, you will need one 4-camera license, not two 1-camera licenses.

Once purchased, you will be able to upgrade your SecuritySpy license to the next level by simply paying the difference in price between the two products.

None of our software products is sent in any physical form: delivery is by internet download only. No hardware of any kind is included in your purchase.

Free updates and email-based support will be provided, at no extra charge, for the lifetime of the product (i.e. until SecuritySpy version 5 is discontinued), with a minimum guarantee of 6 months (i.e. if SecuritySpy version 6 is released within 6 months of your purchase, you get a free upgrade).

Refunds will be provided within 30 days of purchase.